Food2Smile; Sweets without nasties

Food2Smile candy is different unlike the rest of the sweets
Food2Smile represents sweets without nasties, or in Dutch ‘meukvrij’. This means no added sugars or poor red E-numbers. Food2Smile products are for the most part gluten-free, lactose-free, gelatine-free, low in calories, contain only natural flavourings, colourings & fragrances and do not dent the tooth enamel. Delicious sweets and snacks that you have to enjoy! Founder Miriam Bouwens: “Of course you want to eat a sweet occasionally! But when you do, choose a healthier alternative instead. Especially in snacking there are a lot of health benefits to gain. ”

The Healthy School Cafeteria
The ‘Voedingscentrum’, The Netherlands Nutrition Centre, included the products of Food2Smile in the Inspiration List of the Healthy School Cafeteria. Particularly in places where many young people meet, Food2Smile will provide information and offer a healthy alternative. Therefore we focus on the school- and sports cafeteria.

Children’s Nutrition Consultants
Miriam Bouwens has years of experience as a nutritionist. With her self-developed intervention and prevention weight loss programs of Lifestyle Junior ( she is, together with a team of child nutritionists, informing children and their parents about healthy eating to prevent obesity. She is also the author of the (cook)books ‘Dat was lekker mam’ (That was good, mom) for parents, ‘Laat mij maar, pap! ( I can do it, dad) for children and ‘De Spinazie Academie’ (The Spinach Academy) for families cooking together. With her ‘Huiskamer Bootcamp spel’ (Livingroom Bootcamp game) she attempts to let children move and play in a fun way.

Retail & wholesale
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